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Are Les Grossman and Aziz Ansari Awesome Enough to Redeem MTV?

(That's a rhetorical question. The answer is, obviously, no.)

The Network Formerly Known as "Music Television" is ramping up promotions for its Movie Awards (Sunday, June 6- check local listings) with a curious campaign:

They're using Tom Cruise's character from Tropic Thunder to hype the show.

Check it (I visited their website to save you the agony):

More after the break, including Les Grossman vs. Robert Pattinson and a bit by the show's host,Parks and RecreationHuman Giant's Aziz Ansari.

The awards have always been a bit of a lark, with a fair amount of tongue-in-cheek humor to remind you that, once upon a time, this was a network that was worth watching. (You know MTV introduced me to Guided by Voices, right?) Les Grossman is a character from a movie that came out two years ago, but the promos are funny enough to merit your viewing. Coupled with a very sane profile in this month's Esquire, this makes for strong evidence that Tom Cruise might just be back.

Here's Les breaking it down with Robert Pattinson.

The addition of Cruise/Grossman, coupled with host Aziz Ansari, might make the whole thing watchable. Here's your host for the evening, discussing his TNT-obsessed cousin Harris (language is NSFW):

Ansari's Twitter frequently lights up with Harris-related awesomeness. Totally worth your time.

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