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Where Have You Gone, Doc Severinsen?

Take a moment to read this profile of now-former Tonight Show bandleader/guitarist Kevin Eubanks. Coupled with clips like this one, there's a compelling argument waiting to be made that the stability of the Tonight Show gig took a vital player out of the jazz game for almost two decades.

Let's talk jazz after the jump.

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The National: "Anyone's Ghost" on 'The Late Late Show,' 5/28

As promised, here's The National on The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson this past Friday. Yes, the bassist is wearing a wig.

Found via Shallow Nation.

More after the jump.

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Ice Cube drops "Today Was a Good Day" on Fallon

As promised, here's Ice Cube on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon.

"Today Was a Good Day"

Cube's still got it. No further comment needed. Catch the full Cubed-out episode here.


Are Les Grossman and Aziz Ansari Awesome Enough to Redeem MTV?

(That's a rhetorical question. The answer is, obviously, no.)

The Network Formerly Known as "Music Television" is ramping up promotions for its Movie Awards (Sunday, June 6- check local listings) with a curious campaign:

They're using Tom Cruise's character from Tropic Thunder to hype the show.

Check it (I visited their website to save you the agony):

More after the break, including Les Grossman vs. Robert Pattinson and a bit by the show's host,Parks and RecreationHuman Giant's Aziz Ansari.

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Summertime Mix vol. 1 Is Up NOW!

Click on the coolers to crack open some choice summertime tunes. These sound GREAT on a day like today- trust me.

Track listing after the jump.


Steve Carell to Build This City on Rock and Roll?

Before we begin, this is important:

That classic was written by one Mr. Dennis Lambert, a man who left songwriting for real estate only to have his one solo album become a massive hit... in the Philippines. Now, according to this article on SlashFilm, Steve Carell may play Lambert in a biopic. (Be sure to watch the trailer with the article.)

After the jump, catch a couple of other Lambert classics. (Glen Campbell! The Commodores!)

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Bootsy Collins Is Here to School You. No, Seriously.

I think my inner seventeen-year-old funk fanatic just had his mind blown.


To clarify: Bootsy Collins is launching his own Funk University.


Shatner Hits the Fan at CBS- with video!

For the past few weeks, the broadcast networks have been rolling out their schedules for the fall TV season. While there have been a few surprises here and there, perhaps no announcement was as daft as CBS's assertion that they would, in fact, base a sitcom on a Twitter feed.

I think you know which one I'm talking about. (Link is probably NSFW.)

There's a link you'll want to see after the jump- trust me.

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Rocking the Suburbs: Mix #1

If you're a regular reader of Brendan Hilliard's excellent Obviate Media, you've probably seen his ambitious "Eternal Mixtape" project- basically, he challenged his readers to create a mix and a narrative that tied the tracks together.

I didn't exactly complete the challenge- it's a pretty daunting task for someone like me, to say the least- but I have completed a mix that meets some of his requirements. The full thing is up here for your listening pleasure, with commentary after the jump.


Craig Ferguson Sympathizes with Your Rock and Roll Problems

On Thursday night (5/20), The Hold Steady continued barnstorming across late night television, bringing the very funny and very self-aware "Rock Problems" to The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson.


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The National Take 'Violet' Higher on Billboard Charts

While this past week was generally rough on record sales, there's at least one bright spot in the Billboard chart- High Violet, the new album from The National, is the #3 record in the nation.

From Billboard, via Pitchfork:

New York rock band the National arrive at No. 3 with its fifth full-length album "High Violet," selling 51,000 -- its best week ever. The act's last set, "Boxer," debuted and peaked at No. 68 in 2007.

High Violet is a challenging, gorgeous, sad, and very grown-up sort of record- not the sort of thing you'd expect to keep company with Justin Bieber's My World 2.0. For those of you who appreciate a record that reveals more of its layers with each play, High Violet does the job nicely.

For those of you who missed it a couple of weeks ago, the New York Times ran a pretty solid feature story on the band.

And, in case you missed it, here's "Afraid of Everyone" on The Late Show with David Letterman:

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Left of the Dial, Social Media edition

Not to continue the F'Book bash- I'd much rather not turn this blog into a purely tech-based commentary- but this story on Huffington Post caught my attention. looks like it could be a contender. While, yes, rebuilding a contact list is a little bit of a drag, this could probably be negated if you've got friends who are game to make the jump with you and if you've got an easy way of getting the word out that you've jumped ship (did I mention I've got a Twitter feed for you to follow?)

Have any of you ditched your profile yet? How are you managing the migration?

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Back in the saddle again.

I'm relaunching Modern Suburbanite in order to retain greater control over my online presence. I'm more than a little displeased with Facebook's ever-shifting privacy policies, so I'm returning to my roots. (For more on the creepy mindset that seems to be setting in, there's this piece from Wired.)

I've found that my Twitter feed (you can follow me here) does a pretty good job of getting instant info out to anyone who is interested.

Expect more frequent posting. Commenting is encouraged, though you should be aware that comments are moderated- play nice in my sandbox, please.