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Shatner Hits the Fan at CBS- with video!

For the past few weeks, the broadcast networks have been rolling out their schedules for the fall TV season. While there have been a few surprises here and there, perhaps no announcement was as daft as CBS's assertion that they would, in fact, base a sitcom on a Twitter feed.

I think you know which one I'm talking about. (Link is probably NSFW.)

There's a link you'll want to see after the jump- trust me.
The folks at CBS have already posted some "behind the scenes" footage, which Huffington Post has linked in this article.

I'm planning on giving it a chance- I mean, c'mon, it's William Shatner- but the presence of multiple MadTV veterans is a little daunting. Nicole Sullivan earned some cred with me for her funny/sad appearances as Jill Tracy on Scrubs, but Will Sasso makes me nervous.

Also: is CBS really going to try to give this show a Yosemite Sam-esque curse word in the title? I wonder how advertisers are going to handle that one.

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