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35 Years On, We Still Need a Bigger Boat

Because summer blockbusters are charging at us left and right, the word is that one of the stars of a film considered one of the first in the field has been located after an absence of nearly 35 years.

The sad news: he's been sitting in a scrap yard after all this time.

That's where NPR found Bruce- and we're not talking about The Boss.

All is revealed after the jump.

Bruce, for those unfamiliar with Spielberg/Benchley/Jaws legend, was the name given to the three prop sharks used during filming (their namesake was Spielberg's lawyer.) According to the NPR piece, everyone involved, beginning with Spielberg's office, thought that the sharks had been destroyed- they obviously thought wrong.

This is exciting news to the Jaws fan community, which is fiercely loyal to the film.

What the fans probably aren't so excited about: a 3-D remake featuring Tracy Morgan as Matt Hooper is being thrown around.

There is a bit of debunking over at Worst Previews, which includes this choice pearl:

During the Cop Out press junket, I too brought up the remake, but he just replied that he wants to remake Orca. I couldn't tell if he was kidding, but he likely was. He then added: "If they do a remake of Jaws, I want to play Quint."

Talk has cooled a little on this, though, as both the Cinema Blend story and the Worst Previews piece are from February; Yahoo! mentions it in a piece about Bruce, but doesn't provide anything beyond what you'd find on the other links.

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