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UPDATED: Cupertino Calling: the New iPhone Is Upon Us

Looks like the moment of truth is upon us: today is the day that Steve Jobs reveals the 4G iPhone.

Jobs is also expected to pull back the curtain on the next iPhone OS and possibly some information on opening the iPhone and iPad up to Verizon, according to the San Francisco Chronicle in their coverage of Apple's Worldwide Developer's Conference.

UPDATE: Jobs's keynote included all sorts of goodies- The LA Times has the blow-by-blow. In addition to iOS4 and the new iPhone, look for video chatting via iPhone, an app version of iMovie, Netflix for the iPhone, and an iPad-friendly version of, err, Farmville.

(The saga of the new iPhone ought to be old hat by now- Gizmodo's got the whole thing documented for you.)

Some more info and thoughts on what this means for buyers after the jump.

Last week, AT&T announced the end of its $30 unlimited data package for iPhone users, instead offering a tiered system that begins at $15. While this initially seemed a bit of a slap against those of us "late to the party" on the iPhone (my household included), the pricing breakdown actually could be beneficial to those of us who have held out. (A fine breakdown is available at CNet. (Thanks to Tony for steering me over there.) However, it's entirely possible that this is a boondoggle- Beatweek suggests that is exactly the case.

Regardless, the possibility of a cheaper plan and moves like Wal-Mart's decision to drop the price on the 3GS have made the move to an iPhone less of a pipe dream around our house. if you're considering the move, you might check out this piece from The Christian Science Monitor- coupled with the CNet piece, it's a pretty well-balanced look at your options with this particular product.

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