Wednesday, June 16, 2010

It's Entirely Possible That, 20 Years Later, Mom Knows the Babysitter Is Dead.

We're reaching a weird point in the current wave of nostalgia cash-ins. As of Monday, the top box office draws in America are both reboots of 80s hits- The Karate Kid, starring Jackie Chan and Jaden Smith (and featuring kung fu, rather than actual karate), and The A-Team, which seems to be everything its small-screen predecessor was (and critics expected anything else?), were both white-hot in 1984; meanwhile, I frequently check Ghostbusters fansites searching for info on the long-gestating third sequel (rumor is that it's now due in 2012.)

There's a scarier spook on the horizon, though: the 1990s remakes are coming, beginning with one you never thought you'd see brought back from the dead. Get ready to get right on top of it, Rose.

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Yesterday, SlashFilm picked up on the news that Don't Tell Mom The Babysitter's Dead is slated for a remake.

Christina Applegate, via Twitter, expressed high hopes for improved fashion and eyebrow grooming. (Is she worried about the nurse's outfit being accessorized with just the right stethoscope necklace? What about the wedge cap on the Clown Dog delivery boy?)

Though he hasn't provided comment, Keith Coogan- Babysitter's half-baked headbanger Kenny (excuse me... Kenneth), has noted via his Twitter that he is aware of the project.

One only hopes that, in this outing, Walter remembers to spring for cable when he swipes petty cash for the home entertainment system.

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