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Of Facebook and 'Footloose'...

Remember Footloose? Remember Chuck, the jerk Lori Singer dates until Kevin Bacon shows up and cuts loose... footloose?

I think that's the best analogy for the social media dilemma I'm facing. Facebook is Chuck, the users are Lori Singer, and... well, we haven't figured out who gets to be Kevin Bacon yet.

LOTS more after the jump.

As was mentioned here in an earlier post, the hunt is on for a privacy-conscious heir to the social media throne. The San Francisco Chronicle weighs in with this entry, though the element that makes the link valuable to MS readers is the discussion of search engines which attempt to protect privacy.

The Chronicle correctly predicted that "Leave Facebook Day" would flop- the numbers most favorable for FB emigration puts the numbers at around 34,000, which isn't much for a service that claims over 450,000 users.

For the other side of the story, Huffington Post has posted this clip from DiggNation. I'm not sure if I completely buy it, but there it is.

(Whatever you do, don't follow Toronto Life's suggestions. You're better than that.)

Bonus: Kevin Bacon Dance Scene!

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